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The team - Permanent staff
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    José Luís Barroso Aguiar

    Associate Professor with Aggregation

    José Barroso Aguiar is an Associate Professor with Aggregation at the Department of Civil Engineering, of University of Minho. He is the Coordinator of the Cluster of Sustainable Construction Materials of Territory, Environment and Construction Research Centre (C-TAC) and former Director of Civil Engineering Degree.

    Specialist in polymer concrete, pathology and rehabilitation of buildings. He was a consultant in more than two hundred construction projects, mostly buildings. He is also a specialist in sustainable building materials, project coordinator of R & D in sustainable mortars.

    Supervisor of several PhD students and Masters (4 PhD students and 30 master's degree already completed) and coordinator of several research projects. Author or co-author over 300 scientific technical literature.

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    Aires Fernando Fernandes Leite Camões de Azevedo

    Assistant Professor

    Aires Fernando Fernandes Leite Camões de Azevedo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, of University of Minho. He is a coordinator of the Laboratory of Construction Materials at the University of Minho.

    Has a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Porto in Portugal (1895-1990).

    Master in Civil Engineering Structures, in University of Porto in 1993.

    PhD in Civil Engineering (specialty of Construction Materials), University of Minho in 2002.

    His main interests are concrete, durability, incorporation of mineral additions in concretes and mortars, new eco-efficient composite materials resulting from the use of industrial residues and by products and earth construction. 

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    Fernando Pacheco Torgal


    Investigator of Territory, Environment and Construction Research Centre (C-TAC) from School of Engineering of University of Minho. Member of the Order of Engineers since January 1993,abtarned the qualification level of Senior Member in July 2003. He graduated in Civil Engineering from University of Coimbra 1987/1992, completed the pre-Bologna Master in Civil Engineering also as University of Coimbra (2002), with a Dissertation on the durability of concrete and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at University of Beira Interior (2007) with a thesis about alkaline activated binders of residues of tungsten.

    Author or co-authored approximately 200 scientific technical literature, including 30 articles published in SCI-Q1 with 180 citations (h-index = 8).

    Author of the book "Building and Construction Ecoefficient Materials" published by Springer-Verlag London Ltd in 2011 and Editor of book "Toxicity of Building Materials" published by Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge Ltd in 2012.

    Over the past five years was invited to review 45 SCI journal articles by Michael C. Editors Forde (University of Edinburgh), Amir Mirmiran (University of Florida), Seung-Hee Kwon (Myongji University), Manfred Rühle (Max Planck Institute), Andrew J. Boyd (McGill University), Alejandro J. Müller (University Simon Bolivar), Jurgita Antucheviciene (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University ), Allen Clegg (Loughborough University), M. Ohtsu (Kyoto University), Konstantin Kovler (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology) and John E. Bolander (University of California).